Navigating Changing Options Research Reports

Ground-breaking new coronavirus impact research is now available to order. Find out how the pandemic will affect the education sector and student recruitment in 2020/21. Also, get bespoke reports and strategies tailored for your institution.

Find out how coronavirus is impacting students considering 2020/21 entry

This in-depth market research surveys over 3,000 students aged 16+ (Year 12, Year 13 and gap year students). 

These free reports are available exclusively to clients with a University Partner Pack and they include:

  • HE sector report (available free to UPP clients)

  • Navigating changing options Part 1 (available free to all UPP clients)

  • Navigating changing options Part 2 (available free only to UPP clients with a TSR Lead Pack trial)

Read quantitative and detailed analysis, prepared by expert market researchers, about the impact of coronavirus on student education pathway choices.

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