NEW Report - Unconditional Offers Insights

We surveyed over 500 pupils in Year 13 studying A-levels, who are currently in the university recruitment process to explore their views on unconditional placement offers and their potential influences.


This report looks at the motives behind unconditional offers, how they are perceived by students and how they feel these offers might influence their decision-making process. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Almost half of respondents think the government should regulate how many unconditional offers can be made by universities
  • If seen to be making a lot of unconditional offers, the reputation of the university and the applicants accepting them could be damaged
  • Applicants expect unconditional offers to be selectively awarded based on merit or individual circumstances
  • Respondents are aware that universities use unconditional offers to sway their decision-making process, and for some respondents, an unconditional offer would do this – but is this potentially damaging?

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